The main objective of this day of Adventures“We Wants to enjoy a different Adventure in Spain, realizing Canyoning at Ronda Area, and being able to know in another way the interior of Andalusia -Tourism, Adrenaline and Fun-“, premises to complete and Spainventure helped us with that goal !!!.

Early on the morning we woke up anxious to start enjoying a day of Adventure Tourism – realizing the Canyoning at Ronda Area-; so we sat in the bar of our hotel, located on the outskirts of the City of Ronda, we had a good breakfast that will prepare our body and fill us with energy to spend an amazing day of Canyoning in Ronda with Spainventure.

Punctually – according to the TIMELINE offered by Spainventure beforehand – in an exclusive Transport, we were picked up by the reception of the hotel, the Instructors -Specialists in Canyoning and Vias Ferratas-, who will be in charge of making us spend an amazing day of Adventures in Ronda.

After about 15 minutes we arrive at the beginning of the path that will take us to live a few hours of Fun, Adventure and Vertigo !!!. Our Instructors, while we give us the “Technical Equipment” to perform Canyoning at Ronda Area, they explain us the safety procedures and instructions necessary for the use of the Canyoning equipment, in an environment of total expectation and anxiety for the Adventure … What a thrill!!!.

With the unforgettable “El Tajo Bridge” at Ronda City that awaits us as a destination and beginning of the Canyoning, we begin to climb the ravine with a “Via Ferrata” of a medium-low level, for beginners, but that makes us perform a physical effort that fills us of adrenaline. Each step up the steps of the Via Ferrata is filled with energy and this sensation drives us to more !!.

Once we reach the base of the “El Tajo Bridge”, after an exciting Via Ferrata, we prepare to make Canyoning at Ronda Area, placing the harnesses, the strings thrown down and, looking everywhere, visualize a landscape that falls in love, and the river bed that will be our host for this adventure, and that will lead us, after a technical descent – with a rappel mind-blowing – many laughter, excitement and vertigo, to the pool formed at the end of the waterfall that we few minutes ago descent us with the strings and all technical equipment, where we got completely wet and live an unforgettable moments.

Arriving at this area – happys, tired and wet – we have to do a bit of hiking with all the equipment of Canyoning, to get to our starting point. Always accompanied by our fantastic instructors we have felt safe in our adventure in Spain.

The reigning climate, the fantastic management and the good atmosphere that accompanied us throughout this adventure, invites us to return, we do not know when, but surely we will return with Spainventure to live a different Adventure Tourism in Spain.

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