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Ideal activity for the whole family, enjoying a few unforgettable moments, in contact with nature, absailing and jumping to the water; definitively the whole activity that you will enjoy from begining to end.

We will begin this adventure in the province of Granada, at the head of the Green River (Rio Verde), in the area called “Fuente de las Cabrerizas”, there you will get a Safety & Technical talk about the activities & things to see & find in the area and on the activities.

We will Cross a suspension bridge on a canyon in the middle of the mountain, collect the neccesary equipment to continue on the adventure!!!!, jumps to pools, walking in the river bed, absailing down  waterfalls, Rock climbing in  this natural environment, of beauty without equal, with the nature surrounding you at all times, the companionship and adventure will stimulate you beyond normal.

This adventure will contribute a combination of sensations “Emotion and Adrenaline”, and will remain engraved forever in your unforgettable memories.

The finish of this fascinating adventure will be at the end of the Green River (Rio Verde),  at the “Meeting of the Rivers ” By now you would have developed the whole day of activities in touch with the nature and explored your physical limits and been amazed by the whole process.

We will end this fantastic activity on the “Green River” (Rio Verde) having lunch and remembering the trials of the days very agreeable adventure with the family or with the  new companions that you have shared your day. You will not stop feeling the emotion.

You cannot stop remembering this exciting activity, with a mixture of adrenaline and overcoming your limits; allowing yourself this challenge.


  • Rock Climbing starts 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 7 to 8 hours approximately.
  • Followed by Typical Andaluz  Lunch -Optional-.