Why are we fascinated by practising these amazing Adventure Sports, with our hearts in our hands, the mobile taking pictures and waiting for something unexpected to happen at any moment?, we love Taking Risks, without going any further, there are people who use their hollidays to do Adventure Tourism with Spainventure, to go down a river doing rafting, or to get into a cave and end up doing a rappel of 15 meters …, knowing people in faraway countries, and as not … to have a summer love affair.

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We all seek to feel strong emotions, since this generates a pleasure superior to the risk that this entails, we believe that this Adventure Tourism will give us a benefit superior to the fear protection instinct. Taking Risks create Pleasure and fear, absolutely different emotions, in some moment they cross creating a moment of euphoria that surely “you will need to repeat”.

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The adventurers who have made a different tourism have been able to verify, every day of their trip that fear-pleasure connection … indispensable mix in life.

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Marvin Zuckerman identified four types of profiles without fear of danger, which he called “Search of Sensations”

# 1º Profile – Those who look for risk adventures and emotions, but socially accepted, such as parachuting.

# 2º Profile – Those who have a non-conformist lifestyle, like the ‘hippies’.

# 3º Profile – The uninhibited, who live a normal life but tinged with evasions, almost never solitary, like sexual adventures, gambling, etc.

# 4º Profile – People with low tolerance to boredom who flee from monotony; if their life becomes secure they need to feel the experience to the limit right now.

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The “MIX” that brings us closer to the Adventure can be described in the following way, and which will not necessarily be its order …

  • Curiosity: A person with a significant eye disability, 45 years old, despite being able to be totally deprived of his vision ability, he felt no fear of that fatal loss, but this, when practicing Adventure Tourism, those situations of risk produce curiosity. This mental strength leads to exploration and to leave the comfort zone in which we live.


  • Trust: The human being distinguishes two types of risks, those that can control by itself and the uncontrollable ones, such as social or technological threats. People without fear have a higher confidence in their own abilities, they move within the optimistic bias and that impels them to always go a little further each time.


  • Fun: The pleasure and enjoyment increase proportionally to all those who love the risk of those experiences of Adventure Tourism, even if the experience has not been as “adrenaline” as they imagined, that “frustration” enhances the desire to perform this activity for to be able to equal or overcome the imagined. Sigmund Freud said that “… in the search for extreme sensations there is an attempt to dominate the anguish through the counterfobia, that is, to face fear by exposing oneself to what is consciously or unconsciously feared …”.


  • Brain: Our brain, intricate and complex at the same time, has an area, the Amygdala, regulating our memories and behaviors among other functions, that if it joins the Dopamine, neurotransmitter of our motor system, associated with the sensations of pleasure, both together produce a sense of relief at risk. The brain will give us free access to our Adventure Tourism, Amigdala + Dopamina = Enjoy Full of Risk !!.

Spainventure Adventure Tourism Fuengirola Spain

Our human nature, curious and eager to adventure, makes us break that barrier that is our “Comfort Zone” to continue enjoying and evolving as people!…if think about the future… your next adventure will include taking risks.

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We must not lose sight of the fact that our optimism will take our eyes the preparation of every detail and the company of adventures that will make us live unforgettable moments … good luck can fail!!, … if you taking a risks is very important the phrase “I stop, I think & then Act …”


The Spainventure Team

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